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Welcome to the Neal Adams Homepage. Neal Adams no longer does much comic book related material these days, but I have put this site together in order to pay homage to his past work. Here we are celebrating his art, which in my opinion is the best in comic book history. All characters are copyright of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Neal Adams and all the other respective owners.

I have been a fan of Neal's art for as long as I can remember caring about comics. I was born in 1969, and at a young age I would often ride my bike over to the local 7-11 and pick up a bunch of comics with my allowance. Of course I would pick up a Slurpee as well, which usually had a great Marvel or DC character on it (Remember these - Oh, how I miss childhood). I remember looking at a Treasury size reprint of Batman and just loving the art. It was only years later that I learned more about the artist, but the seeds were planted in my head. I have been a Neal Adams fan ever since!

Here you will find a complete checklist of Neal's art to date, or at least that which has been documented. When I began collecting work by Adams I found that the checklist sources with which I was using were incomplete or lacking detail. What I have attempted to do on my checklist page is bring together as many sources I could find and meld them together to make one cohesive list. Along the way I have verified many of the items by comparing them with what I have in my own personal collection. Verification has been a long process, as I do not own everything Adams has done (yet) but I am always in the market.

Your help is needed to make this checklist 100% complete and accurate, so please email me with any additions and corrections. I will update the checklist immediately upon receipt of a correction or addition. I have also added a message board so the Adams fans can talk to each other. You can use this board to simply talk about his art, or you can use it as a resource to buy and sell Neal Adams related items. Unfortunately I must insist that Neal Adams must be the topic of your post and any other items will be removed.

Here you will also find A gallery of Neal's art. You will find original sketches, comic covers, and just about anything Neal has done. I will add graphics to the gallery as often as I am able. What I would like to see from you are any sketches Neal may have done at conventions over the years, or any other Adams piece not already on this site. Please send me a scan and I will add it to the site.

Now sit back and enjoy!

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I hope to update this page often with new items in the gallery.



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